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What our Clients are Saying About Us….

A New Journey in Montana!

My husband and I decided to look for a real estate agent over 2000 miles away and were concerned about finding a honest, dependable, and knowledge agent willing to help us with our journey. After interviewing several agents, we settled very comfortably with the decision of entrusting Denise Carr.

Right from the beginning, We knew we had a special agent to team up with for the challenge. What a challenge the journey has been! But with a fighter like Denise, we knew that things were going to work out, and that she would protect our interests. With the challenging Bozeman market, Denise was right on top of not only business, but in ensuring our personal well being was equally as important. This is not a trait you often find in a real estate agent. But then again , she is not just a real estate agent, she is a class act all the way. We cannot say enough about Denise. She is an outstanding agent and with as much character as any person I’ve ever done business with yet . My husband and I have done many business transactions including building and buying homes. Without question, she is the best. We trusted her with our journey in every way… and she was a champion! I am proud to say that she helped my husband and me build a perfect home for our needs. We are also equally as proud to call her a dear friend. We look forward to our new journey in Montana, and to the wonderful new friendship with Denise and her husband Don. Thank you Denise Carr for being so special!

Dr. and Mrs. W. Trible

Selling a home can be a very emotional process, and is definitely a lot of work when you are miles away.  Denise and Don made it so easy.  I knew that I could trust them through a great relationship that we already had from our real estate search over the years with Don.  By building this relationship of respect for their expertise and adoration for the extensive time spent with us, we trusted them in their knowledge and desire to do what is right for our family.  This team makes the process so easy, even during the most difficult times.  They went above and beyond by sending out a consultant for staging the home, an amazing photographer to capture photos, not once, but twice so that we could capture the beautiful Montana view, and by leading the charge in making sure we were prepared for the day the right buyer arrived!  Thank you to Denise and Don!  You are not just our realtors, but like family to us!

Wendy and Clint S.

My husband and I decided to explore the possibility of buying a home in Bozeman in winter of 2022. Given what we had to offer and the state of the housing market, we knew options were extremely limited, if there were any options at all. We figured we weren’t a realtor’s ideal clients, but with Denise, it was quite the opposite. Denise was genuinely excited to help us find our first home and the amount of time and energy she invested into my husband and I could only come from a person who is truly passionate about helping others.  Denise takes a person-centered approach, making clients’ preferences, needs, and values the priority. Denise went above and beyond to ensure that we would make a decision that set us up for success. Despite the number of obstacles, Denise kept a positive attitude and encouraged us to stay optimistic. As we continued our home buying process, it was clear that Denise is one of the most respected and trusted realtors in the area. Denise’s success is not only evident through her sales and client testimonials, but also through the connections she has built with other realtors, lenders, local contractors, etc.  My husband and I will forever be grateful for Denise’s commitment to our future. It’s because of her, that we now own a home in Bozeman that exceeds any of our initial expectations. Working with Denise is a privilege, and we would recommend her a thousand times over.

Brian and Suzannah

My husband and I first started thinking about buying a home in the Bozeman area when my son was looking at colleges and we visited Montana State University. That was over two years ago. During that time, life threw us a lot of curveballs. Consequently, we changed our minds dozens of times as to what, exactly, that home would be.  No matter how vast or confusing our search for a home became, Denise stuck with us. Honestly, we were all over the place from condos to farms, to in town or in the mountains. We may have doubted when and where we would buy a home, but she never wavered in her commitment to us. And while life certainly presented seemingly, unsurmountable challenges to her, somehow, she still always made us feel like a priority. I pride myself on being organized and focused. Yet, I was put to shame by her ability to not only handle everything personally and professionally, but to completely excel at it all. She is a machine!

Moving thousands of miles away from the home you’ve always known can be overwhelming. Denise showed us patience, understanding and genuine compassion. She is such a special person. Just knowing her is an honor and a blessing. She is the only person I would want to guide my family through such a significant moment in life. She was so completely in tune with what we wanted, she knew exactly where to hone our search. Now, we happily own a home that we will live in for the rest of our lives. We are forever grateful. 

Meg, Dan and Max

My husband and I used Denise Carr as both a buying and a selling agent. Denise excelled at both. When we sold our smaller, older home, she was very engaged in helping us determine what work needed to be done to put the house in excellent shape. She also had a great list of people to do the necessary work- painters, floor refinishers, a person to do repointing on our outside fireplace… you name it, she was able to help. Denise encouraged us to stage the house professionally, and that gave us a totally different perspective on how we could have set up the space in the 25 years we owned the house. Denise is great at pricing houses at a price fair to buyer and seller and one that will move a property quickly. We had offers appear quickly, but our ancient electrical wiring put too many restrictions on what a buyer could do, so Denise helped us locate an electrician to rewire the house quickly. We then sold the property to another buyer within her company without the hassle of relisting at a very fair (and increased) value. Denise made us feel super confident about our decisions at every step in the process, even when we had to pivot and head in another direction to prepare the house for sale. Exceptional judgment and exceptional service- that’s Denise Carr

The Diamonds

Denise is such a pleasure to work with. I’m an out of state buyer that has now purchased three investments with Denise, and she is my trusted advisor in the Bozeman market. Denise always provides sounds advice, and most of the time it’s guidance that doesn’t benefit her in the short run. This is a true sign of a realtor in it for the long haul, and solely focused on her clients. In my profession I’ve been told it is about the long game, and that’s seems to be the approach Denise has taken. Denise is hands down the best I’ve worked with in this industry. I can’t recommend her enough. You won’t find a more trusted partner in the real estate industry.

Brennen S

Denise by far exceeded all expectations. As first time homebuyers, my husband and I had a LOT of questions. She answered every single one (even multiple times) and was always ready and willing to help you learn. She will advocate for you in the best way possible even if it means she won’t make as much money. She always puts her clients first. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned veteran of the process, you will love Denise. The service doesn’t stop after the sale of the home either. She is always there to answer any questions about whether we should do certain work to our home. She even brought us dinner when we had our son. I could go on and on but long story short….amazing.

Laurel and Jake

I recently had the pleasure of working with Denise Carr as my realtor, and I can honestly say that she is one of the best in the business. Her professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail are truly outstanding.

Denise is an expert in the real estate market and is extremely knowledgeable about the area. She took the time to listen to my needs and priorities, and was able to provide me with invaluable advice and guidance throughout the entire process. She was always available to answer any questions that I had, and was very responsive to all of my needs.

One of the things that impressed me the most about Denise was her commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for me. She was proactive in finding potential buyers for my property, and her marketing strategies were creative and effective. She also provided expert guidance on pricing and negotiations, and was always honest and transparent with me about any potential issues or concerns.

Most importantly, Denise is a joy to work with. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and genuine care for her clients make the entire process much less stressful than it could be. She went above and beyond to ensure that I was happy and satisfied with every aspect of the transaction, and I truly appreciated her efforts.

Overall, I would highly recommend Denise Carr to anyone looking for a realtor in the area. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and truly cares about her clients. Thank you, Denise, for all of your hard work and dedication – I couldn’t have done it without you!

Cynthia B.

If you could give 6 stars, Denise would get all of them across all categories. We have worked with her twice now and cannot recommend her enough! We recently found the perfect home for our family. There were many hoops to jump through to make our purchase happen, including selling the condo we already owned. When it didn’t seem possible to make it all work, Denise was there, morning, noon, and night, from our offer, to listing our condo, to facilitating the showings, and working with all parties through the entire process to ensure it went smoothly. When challenges arose, Denise was cool, calm, and collected as she helped us navigate the entire process. Denise is responsive, detail oriented, patient, knowledgeable, and truly wants the very best for her clients. When it comes to choosing an agent, you simply cannot go wrong with Denise!

Jess & Mani Stubbs

I recently had the pleasure of working with Denise Carr as my realtor for the purchase of my Montana home, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. Denise’s professionalism, extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, and genuine dedication to her clients set her apart.

From the initial consultation to the closing, Denise demonstrated a deep understanding of my needs and preferences. She took the time to listen and provided valuable insights, guiding me through the entire home-buying process with patience and expertise. Her attention to detail and proactive communication kept everything on track, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Denise’s commitment to excellence was evident in her tireless efforts to find the perfect property for me. She went above and beyond, consistently presenting options that aligned with my criteria. Her negotiation skills were remarkable, securing a favorable deal and ensuring that my interests were well-represented throughout. Beyond her professional prowess, Denise’s friendly and approachable demeanor made the entire journey enjoyable. Her passion for helping clients find their dream homes was evident in every interaction, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

I wholeheartedly recommend Denise Carr to anyone in search of a top-notch realtor. Her commitment to client satisfaction, market expertise, and unwavering dedication make her an outstanding choice for navigating the real estate landscape. Thanks to Denise, I am now happily settled into my new Montana home, and I couldn’t be more grateful for her exceptional service.

Dr. Nathan Adam

I had an extremely wonderful experience working with Don Carr. As a first time home owner, Don helped me through every step of the process and I couldn’t ask for a nicer, caring person to work with. He was always willing to take time out of his busy day, any day of the week to impromptu check out a house that just entered the market. If you are looking to buy any type of house, he is a great choice.

Beau B.

Denise Carr is more than a realtor. She helped my delicate situation with thoughtful compassion. I was looking for a home after making the decision to relocate after losing my husband to cancer a few years back. This was a very scary time for me as a widow and newly single mother. Denise was able to guide me through this process with her wealth of knowledge and wonderful connections to the community. We were able to find the perfect place to begin anew in this beautiful area. Everyone was excellent to work with and made everything run smoothly. They really do find solutions to their clients’ needs.  

Tara M.

Denise is very energetic and worked through several challenges to make our home purchase possible. She is very helpful making sure we understood everything, setting up a variety of inspection needs and keeping us updated throughout the process. I would definitely use her for any real estate needs.

Craig & Christina

Don and Denise genuinely cared about us as clients and helped us with so many aspects of our permanent relocation from the Pacific Northwest to Bozeman — they were always there.   During our first exploratory trip Don showed us a lot of great places, pointing out commutes, features and mountain views in several areas of Bozeman and helped us understand some of the ins and outs of  the buy vs build decision while learning about our needs and wants.  We never felt pressure to change our budget or timeline while we looked, and we absolutely got unbiased coaching and insights.  Don and Denise also helped us time our transaction setting due dates and expectations, ensuring that even the most challenging deadlines were met once we chose a building site.  They also went the extra mile to put us in touch with great local builders and designers.  They treated us like family and will be great friends in our new home town of Bozeman – we are sincerely grateful to have met them!  

Bruce and Karen A.

I am writing to tell you that Denise Carr is absolutely wonderful.  Alicia and I have bought and sold numerous properties across the US and Denise is without a doubt the best realtor I have ever encountered.  Professional, personable and always willing to help.  I look forward to continuing a long term relationship with Denise.  We would also gladly refer anyone to Denise. 

John and Alicia C.

My husband and I had the opportunity to work with Denise on the sale of our very first home, one that will always hold a special place in our hearts. The importance of finding the right agent cannot be understated, and Denise certainly has checked all of our boxes and raised the bar for all future sales. She was organized, professional, personable, kind, and understanding throughout the process. She has connections in the industry that make for an invaluable well of knowledge and her market expertise is spot on. So grateful we found such a wonderful friend and agent.

Gigi & James C

I am writing on behalf of our incredible realtor, Denise Carr. I will say that we met by happenstance and I am so incredibly grateful. I was driving through the area as we were interested in purchasing (but in the beginning phase) and saw a for sale sign with her number and called. She told me she could meet me at the location we were at in 20 minutes and she did! This is Denise is a nutshell. And this is where our relationship began.

Denise set us up immediately to receive listings with the criteria we gave her that came daily. Whenever we found one we were interested in she had a time booked to take a look. At this point we were back in Oregon and doing this long distance. And let me tell you, Denise made that seamless. She would Facetime us as she walked through properties. Or she would video and send them to us if we were not available. That being said, with being out of town, we never felt anything difficult in the process. From the beginning to the closing process Denise had everything in order for us and always in a timely manner from beginning to end.

Something that always stood out to us was her vast knowledge. Her knowledge of city regulations, neighborhoods, and even house materials. And if she did not have the answer she was honest and said I will get back to you asap and those answers were in our email box in no time. Her customer service is like no other I have seen in the industry. And she does it with such ease and grace.

We would recommend Denise hands down to anyone looking for a realtor in the Bozeman area. She is professional, smart, intuitive, and is a wonderful person. If you are currently in the Bozeman are or looking for a realtor to help you from afar Denise will not let you down. We would use her again in a heartbeat and highly recommend her!

Mary and Jeff

We highly recommend Denise; she was wonderful to work with on every front.  Starting from the first “meet and greet” on the phone, I could tell Denise was passionate about her work and had a good finger on the pulse of the Bozeman market. When we started looking in earnest, we spent the day together touring the neighborhoods and talking about options that would work with our budget.

I knew that day that we had found a new friend in Bozeman that would extend beyond our house buying adventures. Denise is a kind, loving, caring, thoughtful and smart professional who is deeply committed to serving her clients from start to finish. Our entire purchase experience was so pleasant due to her attention to detail and thoroughness with the offer.

Her job is never done as she likes to take care of her clients – especially around the holidays when she personally delivers pies to her clients. Denise is not only an amazing realtor but also a dear friend. 

Linda, Bob and Josh

As out-of-state buyers with very specific search criteria, we felt confident in Don Carr to find the perfect property for our needs. Our agent was very diligent through the process, friendly, warm, and professional. It was a great first experience as we begin our new Montana adventure.  

Will and Sarah S.

It was a distinct pleasure to work with Don and Denise.  They are both patient, professional, and knowledgeable.  We stumbled on to them purely by chance, but we’re so happy we did.  Despite setbacks they were always optimistic that the perfect place for us was out there and we would find it!  They worked very promptly and professionally with our mortgage lender too, which made the whole process work very smoothly!  Thank you so very much! 

Terry & Katy M.

Denise is very energetic and worked through several challenges to make our home purchase possible. She is very helpful making sure we understood everything, setting up a variety of
inspection needs and keeping us updated throughout the process. I would definitely use her for any real estate needs.

Dennis & Barbara

I have been working with Denise for a few years now. She has been a great sounding board and offers solid insight into our market. She has helped me with decision-making and offers professional insight when making a massive decision in the real estate market. Finally, my partner and I closed on a home in Bozeman together. Denise made the process smoother and less stressful than any other realtor I have worked with (I have worked with several). She goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and checks in the entire way. I have also received excellent trade references from her; she also makes a dang good pie. Without question, I will work with Denise again when the need arises.

Kyle and Sarah

We first found Don a little over a year ago when we were searching for land around Bozeman. We live in Nebraska, but it was time to start the process to return to our Montana roots. We didn’t have much time to come back and do the hunt so we needed someone we could count on to help us efficiently work through the process. Don was extremely responsive, and I almost instantly bonded with him the first time I talked to him on the phone. Just from what he said and how he said it, I could tell he was a serious person with a high level of professionalism yet a down to earth, fun, and friendly disposition. The first day we spent with him confirmed my initial impression. Don skillfully helped us narrow down the search and we found a great piece of land the first day out. Fast forward a year and we came back to Don to help us find a home in Belgrade. We are still in Nebraska and needed to find a place that we would love but would be able to rent for a couple of years before we could make the move back. Don made outstanding videos of many properties for us and helped us find a gem in Belgrade for an incredible price in the overwhelmingly seller’s market. And, although we worked mostly with Don, we know that Denise was instrumental in the deal behind the scenes for us. Don and Denise are a great team. We are looking forward to spending more time with them professionally and personally when we can call Montana home again!  

Tim and Lynn (both MSU, ’92) 

Denise is absolutely amazing to work with! She was on top of everything and willing to answer any questions at any time of the day. She is always happy and keeps a good attitude no matter what.

Riley and Layne

I’m so happy that Denise was able to help me with the purchase of a home in Emigrant, MT. As a Bozeman-based buyer, many realtors are available, and it can be hard to make an informed decision. Denise is incredibly kind and will treat you like family from the moment she meets you. She goes above and beyond to ensure you understand every aspect of the process, is available any time you need to chat, and has a genuine interest in helping you find your dream home. She works really hard and wants you to feel comfortable from the moment you first contact her. I really appreciated the time she took explaining the various documents to me, the binder of homeowner details and the executed documents, the thoughtfully curated gift basket she left in our home on closing, and the pie she hand-made us before Thanksgiving… I mean, come on 🙂 You won’t find a harder worker or kinder realtor out there. Thanks, Denise!

Emily and Austin

Living the Montana Dream!

My beautiful new condo was waiting for me and I didn’t know it until Denise Carr showed it to me! She was the very greatest you could ever expect a realtor to be; patient, so thoughtful, professional and kind and caring. I felt an immediate connection with her–and she was working for ME! Nothing else seemed to matter except that I was
happy. She knows the whole business so well, I didn’t have to think much about any of that, she was always a step ahead of any questions I had. I will be recommending her to anyone and everyone! It just was a great experience and I’m glad I got to know Denise!!

Diane B.

“We worked with Denise Carr and she was on the ball. Moving from Charleston, SC to here was quite a move and lots of moving parts. Denise was able to ease our minds on the entire process and made moving across country as stress free as possible. She made sure we always had our questions answered in a timely manner. My wife and I definitely recommend Denise Carr.” 

Amber & Alan S.

We were extremely pleased with the service we received. Our realtor, Denise Carr, went above and beyond and took such good care of us! She was thorough, competent, pleasant and prompt in every situation. We would highly and heartily recommend her to help you buy or sell a house. –

Tony and Karilee V.

Denise Carr is the best! My husband and I worked with Denise for over 1 1/2 years. When we started looking, we had only a general sense for what was possible in the (small) area in which we wanted to live. Denise helped us hone that sense by asking great questions, walking us through homes and spending as much time with us as we needed. Complicating the search process, we were only local part of the year, and Denise kept us informed about which new listings might suit us. Throughout, the process was low pressure and totally focused on what we were comfortable with. Denise wanted us to fall in love with the house we would finally end up with and was certain that would happen. On the other hand, the market was tight for our desired location, and when we (twice) saw a house we really wanted, Denise
worked day and night to write up offers and counteroffers quickly. Denise really excelled in shepherding us through the offer and closing process. She was able to point us to a lender who preapproved us on a Sunday afternoon when we wanted to make a sudden offer early in the process and with whom we eventually worked. She got answers to our multitude of questions on the house and closing process, often within minutes (!) and had great advice on negotiations around the inspection process. We had travel out of the country planned when we offered on the house; Denise assured us we could complete the closing process while not in town and she expertly handled the details of making that happen.
Denise was low key and low pressure, totally knowledgeable and competent, a tireless worker on our behalf, and she helped us find a house we really love. We would recommend her to any of our friends and use her again in a HEARTbeat!

Bev and Ned

We cannot put into words how grateful we are for Denise. Denise, Don, and their friends and colleagues went above
and beyond for us. We had been struggling to find the right home for us and our family for a couple of years. Finally, we
connected with Denise and she sent us the perfect listing. She even referred us to a mortgage broker when we were
having a hard time with our bank. Everybody we worked with from that moment forward was truly a blessing. These people are dedicated to their clients. We are loving our new home, our first home, a year sooner than we thought was possible & it’s all thanks to this team. If you’re looking for kind, honest, professionals to help you find your perfect home, look no further. Thank you all so much!! We will forever be grateful for having the opportunity to work with you.

Dave & Courtnie U.

My husband and I had the privilege of working with Denise Carr, when we started looking for property in Bozeman.  At first we did not know if we wanted a house, condo, or townhouse.  Denise helped us narrow down our search, based off our needs, and found us the perfect condo.  Denise was patient, professional, and thorough, during the whole purchasing process.  Whenever we had a question or concern, she quickly responded.  If you are looking for a local real estate company that is both professional and personable, we highly recommend Denise Carr.  

Carole & Jim L.

Denise was professional, knowledgeable and highly communicative throughout the entire purchase process. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a home in the greater Gallatin Valley area!

Harry C

My husband and I were first-time homebuyers and not in a hurry to buy. In fact, we started out as casual as could be, not even knowing what, when or where we wanted to own a home, which is why Denise has been our guide for years. Not only did she help us hone in on what we truly wanted, but she helped us narrow down all decisions every step of the way. And for any answer she doesn’t have or for finding the right folks to help with the process, she has the best referrals. Buying our first home was a huge learning process and she recommended our most ideal lender, inspector, tree trimmer, gutter guys, you name it, she has wonderful relationships with the best. She took us to countless showings, drew up quite a few offers and
supported us when we lost them. Ultimately, she got us into the house that was meant for us and made all the lost offers so worth it. She and Don Carr—the best dynamic duo—feel like family now. They are knowledgeable, strategic and creative, ethical and caring, and we’d recommend them to anyone!

Lauren and Freeman

It was a pleasure to work with Denise. She was especially helpful in our home buying situation. She made herself available for showing us a variety of houses and definitely invested her time and energy into making sure we were sent info on potential properties. She had patience with our particular preferences and if there was ever a question we asked that she didn’t know the answer to she was always persistent in getting the information to us quickly. Even after buying a house, she has been helpful in recommending we look into refinance options as well as keeping us up to date on new house listings in our area. We would highly recommend her. She has a great heart and the ability to help her clients get into a house they can call home.

Tibi & Rachel K.

We have used Don and Denise twice and we’re more than satisfied through both the buying and selling of our Montana real estate. We were more satisfied this last time than even our original experience which was awesome in its own right. They helped us during two points of our lives where we were really in a vulnerable situation and needed assistance to make good financial decisions. Some people that are concerned primarily with monetary gain could have taken advantage of this. However I feel that the Carrs put our best interest at the forefront of the priority list. One part of me wanted to go it alone for the sale and have more money but we decided we trusted Don and Denise enough to take care of this need. It was such a load off our minds to have them walking us through this process, explaining where we should list in price and fighting to get us the amount we needed to move to our next chapter in life. I think it is a lot different with the Carrs because they became a lot more than just realtors but real friends. I’m sure there are other great realtors out there but I would have to recommend these guys over anyone else.   

Jennifer  and Jeremy

“Denise Carr did a fantastic job helping us buy a home for our family in Bozeman. It was a very hot market when we were looking and we were able to get into escrow quickly with Denise’s help. We were moving from out of state and Denise made the whole process easy for us and also had great local referrals for us for inspections and contractors. Denise worked hard for us and paid attention to the important details from start to finish. Thanks Denise!”  

Abby & Jon

It was such a pleasure working with Denise! As a first time homebuyer, I was a bit nervous going into the process knowing I’d need additional guidance but Denise made the entire experience so easy and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. During our first meeting, we went through all of the contracts and terms we would be using so I could fully understand the terminology and exactly what we would be getting. I loved how she not only made the process seamless but she also made sure to help educate me and answered all my questions with care and patience. This helped ease my nerves so I could actually enjoy and have fun with it all! She offered amazing insight and recommendations, and I’m so happy with our outcome! If you’re looking for a realtor who you can trust and genuinely cares to take that extra time with you, Denise is your gal!

Avery & Patrick

I would not hesitate at all using Carr Montana Realty. We worked with agent Denise Carr and she is exceptional at her job. She worked diligently to find us the home we were dreaming of. Night or day, I knew I could call her with questions. Denise went above any real estate agent we have used in the past to help us with our out of town closing, including meeting people at the house for necessary appointments. The whole process could not have gone any smoother.

Angela S

I’ve  always felt I am very  lucky. When I came to Bozeman as a stranger and needed to find a place with a deadline to do it, by sheer good luck I found Denise Carr of Carr Montana Real Estate at Keller Williams.

I couldn’t have found a better person to help me. Denise listened to my needs and timeline and jumped into action.

Due to her vast knowledge and experience with the Bozeman real estate market, and her many professional contacts,  we viewed and visited 21 properties over 2 days…. A real marathon.

My granddaughter Lacey accompanied us as she would be living here while attending Montana State University.  At the end of 2 days we had not settled on the “perfect place” and I had to leave.  As “luck” would have it , that very day a place came onto the market that Denise thought would be perfect. She grabbed my granddaughter and they went together to view it.

Lacey called me and said” Grandma this is the one!”  And it was. Now after several years. it still is.Thank you Denise and Don Carr for becoming good friends as well as true professionals that I don’t  hesitate to refer for their integrity.honesty and knowledge. 


Denise was incredibly helpful throughout the entire home buying experience. She went out of her way to make herself available anytime we had questions. When something came up during the inspection, Denise gave us a list of people she trusted to get the job done correctly and had everything organized. With all the moving pieces, she made sure it was a smooth process from start to finish.

Conor D

We were so lucky to have found Denise! She worked diligently and patiently- helping us search for a home in Bozeman, even when we changed our minds about location. We appreciated her daily/weekly updates and market savvy. Her network of tradespeople for inspections/repairs is worth it’s weight in gold. She will be a great advocate for you and her positive attitude is so refreshing.

Craig & Christina B

Looking at a home from out of state is a challenging task.  Searching all of the different real estate websites, we saw a home that we liked.  I called the listing agent and she directed us to Denise Carr. Denise responded right away and that was the beginning of a wonderful business relationship.  Denise’s knowledge of the Bozeman area and market proved invaluable.  Denise showed us multiple houses via FaceTime which was very helpful as we were in a different state and would normally have had to rely on pictures on the MLS site. 

Denise listened to all the things that we desired in a home and learned all about our family, the things we like, our lifestyle and our budget.  I remember she mentioned a neighborhood that she thought might fit for us.  Once we had the opportunity to drive to Bozeman,  Denise set up multiple showings for us to look at.  We spent a week with Denise looking at homes and saw many that we liked.  We really appreciated her perspective and her knowledge and she provided very objective and insightful information on every home we looked at.

The stars aligned and a home in the neighborhood that we liked the most came on the market.  Within literally minutes, Denise told us about it and we were the first in line to tour the home and it was “THE HOUSE”.  We went straight from the house to her office where we met many of the other team members.  Everyone there was also very welcoming and helpful during the process of writing an educated and informed offer.  Luckily our offer was accepted and we were on our way.  As with many real estate transactions, there are always hurdles and challenges. In the last few days before closing, there were some items on the inspection that were not quite complete. Denise again went above and beyond, working with the lender, working with multiple contractors that she knows. Even Don, her husband who is also part of the team went to the house during the inspection and Facetimed with us since we could not be there for the inspection. Don and Denise also came out to look at items that we needed expert help with. Denise crafted solutions that ultimately resulted in our family closing on the home of our dreams in this beautiful part of the country.

We absolutely recommend Denise for anyone looking to buy a home in the Bozeman and surrounding area.  Thank you! 

The Richardson Clan

Don and Denise, We want to thank you for all you did in helping us finally find our perfect MT home.  We took 2.5 years of searching and you were always available to drive us all over the Big Sky/Bozeman area.  Not to mention you having to do the final clean out of the house we got! I was there for an extended time this summer and loved everything about the house.  We really got the perfect house and you made that possible. We are so appreciative of your professional work and your friendship. You’re not rid of us, we’ll be seeing you again.  

Kim and Greg

I cannot say how thankful I am that I found Denise; she is a rare gem! She treated me like family during my home-buying experience and continuously worked so hard for my best interests. My vision of what I was looking for in a home changed many times during the experience and Denise was patient and supportive of these changes. I ended up buying a home for less than the listed price and Denise was able to negotiate so many details in my favor. Since I was coming from out of state and was not able to be there in person for the weeks leading up to closing, Denise truly went above and beyond to help get details sorted out in my new home. Her attention to detail and response times are unparalleled and my experience in buying a home was very positive because of her expertise and warm personality. She really made me feel like part of her family! I cannot recommend her enough. 

Allison S.

We met with an amazing part of the team, Don Carr.  He took a great deal of time showing new homes and established homes for sale.  He understood we were in the research phase and was more than happy to educate us on many aspects of home ownership in the Bozeman area.  He also facilitated the recovery of my husband’s cell phone that he lost while looking around.  I highly recommend Don when looking for your home. 

Julie H

Denise Carr is an excellent realtor. She listens well and cares for what you are needing and wanting in a home. She assisted us in both selling our home and buying a new one. She helped us navigate what is a very overwhelming process, taking away so much of the stress and confusion that comes with home selling and buying. She was on top of everything and very efficient in moving things along. We were wanting to work through the process as quickly as possible because I was due with our 3rd baby two months after we started the whole process. We are so thankful for all the work Denise did for us and for going above and beyond to help us through the process, taking so much of the stress off of us. We’d highly recommend hiring Denise! She is extremely competent at what she does and is a person who really cares about you and your family.

Hannah & Geoff G.

We worked with both Denise and Don Carr and they are excellent. When we first started our home search in Bozeman we weren’t quite sure what we were looking for. Denise worked with us for months, showing us houses and giving us good insight on the market. Ultimately, we decided that buying a lot and building was the right thing for us, and Don stepped in to find us a great property. Were it not for Don’s research and on the ground diligence efforts, we would not have found the property that we bought. We are very glad that we got connected with Denise and Don and highly recommend them.

Adam and Chelsey S.

Working with Denise made looking for a home exciting and enjoyable. As a first time homebuyer I was nervous about finding something in the Bozeman area I could actually afford, but Denise went above and beyond to help get me into my first home that is a good price and in a great location for my lifestyle. This home had tenants in it until the day I closed on it and she exceeded any expectations of working with the property and HOA managers to get it ready for me to move in. She made it a breeze so essentially all I had to do was review documents and sign them. Denise also had great recommendations for home inspectors and lenders to work with who were also professional and wonderful to work with. I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.


When we started our home search we were hesitant about the Bozeman market. We felt what we were looking for was out of reach. We knew that our Realtor would have to be very patient with us while we took our time to find the right house. Denise was a perfect match as she worked with us on our own schedule. She paid attention to our needs and was extremely responsive to all of our requests. She offered tons of experiential guidance on home buying and pointed out several red flag items that the average home buyer would not be aware of. When we finally found the right home, Denise helped us to act quickly and guided us through the home purchase. She was incredibly thorough in her review of our purchase agreement. The process felt secure from beginning to end knowing that she genuinely cared about us. Looking back, the only regret I have is not calling Denise sooner! If you are thinking about buying in Bozeman or the surrounding area, I highly recommend that you call Denise Carr, she is awesome, she has a passion for her work, and she will help you navigate the housing market.

The Edwards Family

First time homebuyer here. Denise was my guide throughout the process and she did a fantastic job. There were unusual obstacles regarding purchasing the house I wanted that needed to be overcome, as the previous owners were waiting on an insurance claim prior to completing home repairs. Denise put in the extra leg work to arrange a detailed agreement both parties were happy with and I’ve been living in my new home for several months now. I couldn’t be happier with my experience of working with Denise and highly recommend reaching out to her.

Lewis C.

We came to Denise after working with another realtor (who wasn’t working) and we can without a doubt say that Denise is the best Realtor we’ve ever worked with! Denise was always on top of the new listings (which in a hot market like Bozeman makes a world of difference), and was quick to help us tour places so we didn’t miss out on our dream home in a highly competitive market. With COVID restrictions we were unable to make it to Bozeman to visit the properties, so Denise would send us full video walkthroughs of the houses, including the garages (which always seem to be left out!) This was a huge help, considering it’s often hard to get a good feel for a home through staged photos, not to mention it’s great to reference when you’re looking at so many places.

Denise has been one of the few Realtors we’ve worked with that felt like she was always learning more about us each day, and it quickly showed in the houses she recommended. We couldn’t have been more appreciative that we had her to guide us on neighborhoods, school districts,and everything in between that we didn’t know about Bozeman. As first time home buyers, she also took the time to walk us through every document and answer all of our questions (and we had a lot of questions), she never once made us feel like a burden. 

Lastly, Denise’s responsiveness with us was outstanding. Whether text messages or calls, Denise always had an answer back to us in no time, sometimes so fast it seemed like she knew what we were going to ask before we did. Her expertise in the industry always showed up when we were on the fence about a home or our next decision. We’re so happy with our entire engagement with Denise and will recommend Denise to everyone! 

Samantha and Tim

“This isn’t going to work.” This exact phrase came out of my mouth sitting in the living room with my husband. What we are looking to do is too complicated, too stressful and all of it needs to happen too soon. We had found out just a few days prior that we needed to sell our house, sell my parents-in-laws house and buy a house large enough and yet cheap enough for our small budget! Living in Bozeman means:

Small Home=Expensive; Medium Home=Only for the “rich”; Large Home=No Way!

As I sat crying on my couch with this looming mountain I had to conquer in front of me, I prayed for a miracle. I’m telling the truth when I say that right then I got a phone call greeting me with the kind voice of Denise Carr on the line. She sounded like no other Real Estate lady, I.e. pushy and over-zealous. She simply treated me like a good friend as though I’ve known all my life! Two days later Denise sat in my living room and mapped out a plan of action and made me feel like I just got a hug and was told “don’t worry about a thing, we’ll take on this burden and deal with the work and hassle everything.” They did. They quickly sold both my house and my parents-in-laws house and by their God-given talent and years of experience they found me a large, beautiful home of my dreams that perfectly fits 8 people and for a price I can really afford!

Anya & Gregg V

As a first time homebuyer, Denise could not have been more helpful in navigating the process. There are so many characteristics that stood out to me throughout. In particular it was her communication and teamwork that really made this experience easy, and stress-free. With all of the moving parts, and at times unexpected obstacles, Denise’s experience was noticeable, particularly as there was always plan. Each step was thought out, explained, and executed. I could not recommend her enough as a realtor, always looking out for her clients’ best interests.


I highly recommend Denise Carr, to anyone that is planning to buy or sell real estate. A business fiduciary is one,who acts in the best interests of another, and that is how I would describe Denise. My best interests were being served and protected. I was particularly impressed with how thoroughly I was guided through each step of the process, and in particular the walk through with the inspector during the inspection of the property prior to purchase. Denise executed due diligence to make sure my best interests were being served.

Darcy L.

Denise helped me both buy and sell my home (!). I was a first time home buyer…then seller…in my twenties and I felt completely overwhelmed. She was a calm, reassuring, non-judgmental presence through both processes. I really appreciated her attention to detail, lightning-fast response times, and positivity. I ended up selling my home for substantially more than I had hoped for — I can say with absolute certainty that Denise’s expertise was the most important factor in getting that high bid offer. Highly recommend!!

Greta S.

I found Denise by chance but not by accident, as I would soon learn! Late in 2017, I was facing the end of my twenty year marriage and selling the home we had owned since our children were little. Denise was very helpful and supportive as I navigated those scary and uncertain waters. Because there were many factors at play, there was about 10 months between my first contact with Denise and when I was finally in a position to purchase my next home. During that time Denise reached out to me often enough to encourage me and let me know that she was there when I was ready but not so often that I felt pressured. During that time, we exchanged many texts, emails, and had many phone conversations. I knew from our first phone conversation that Denise was a genuine person and that she would be much more than an agent to me. I was not disappointed! I can’t even tell you how much her support and encouragement meant to me as I walked through the worst time in my life. She explained each step to me and made sure I had all the facts to make a decision. She guided me to other professionals that I needed in that journey (my lender and the home inspector to name a few!). I’m sure that she worked many hours behind the scenes to research properties for my family. When I told Denise what I was looking for and what my price point was, I thought it was impossible. I’m so happy to say that on September 28th, I closed on the perfect home for our family as we start over in this new chapter of life. Denise made this happen! She showed me as many properties as I wanted to see and was honest about the pros and cons of each one. Denise and her team are truly about finding the best match for their clients. People are more important to them than the paycheck and it shows in how they treat the people who come to them. I am lucky and blessed to have worked with her and to count her among my friends. We bonded over life, kids, dogs and also did some business together. I got way more than I imagined when I met Denise!

Dori F.

Mike and I moved from Virginia to the Bozeman area and knew very little about the real estate market here. It was important for us to be able to work with someone who knew this market, could guide us in the right direction and also be someone we could trust. We are so thankful we found Denise. The process, from start to finish, was seamless and enjoyable and we are loving our new home in Belgrade!

Cory and Mike V.

We have now been settled in our new home for almost a month now after having looked for the past four years and dreaming about it for 20 years. The wait was well worth it and we couldn’t be happier. Denise and Don made that happen for us. Last fall, we initially connected with Denise. We were educated about the Bozeman market and area but we needed someone who would be very patient with us and proactive. Denise and Don worked as a wonderful team and were exactly the people we needed to make this all happen for us. As soon as the home came on the market, Denise and Don reached out believing it was a very good match for us. From the moment we walked through the home, to Don guiding us through all of the inspections, through all of the negotiations to the final curbside signing at the title company …. Don was there for us and always available for all of our questions and concerns. Don set up all of the inspections with wonderful and responsible people who were thorough, diligent and prompt. They worked as an amazing team always checking to make sure all the documentation was correct and complete.
Buying a home during a pandemic certainly added a layer of complication which Don handled with ease. While we see ourselves and our family enjoying this home for a very long time, we look forward to working again with Don and Denise and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for help in buying or selling a home in the area.

Ron and Susie L

Selling the home I had lived in for 28 years and then buying two properties, one to live in and one to use as a rental, was an incredible challenge for me.  Denise and Lori’s expertise and attention to detail was second to none. Denise was unbelievably flexible and patient when it came to me finding a place to live.  I also appreciate how much they put the “heart” in real estate. Selling a home you’ve lived in for as long I did wasn’t just a business transaction to me. I so appreciated the emotional support I got throughout the process.  

Sharon D.

Searching for an investment property, I wasn’t sure what to expect; however, in the past, I’ve had some not quite so nice dealings with Realtors. Denise proved to be the total opposite of that. Not only is Denise a professional who helps to ease any concerns you might have during the home buying process, she’s a great person who genuinely cares about helping you find the perfect property for your budget. She was always available to show me properties that she thought would best suit my needs and to answer all my questions along the way. Thank you Denise for making my experience easy and stress-free and perfect for me. You were always willing to do what I needed done… Thank you so much , Denise! I will definitely recommend and refer you to others!

Charlene L.

We were first time home buyers who needed a lot of help. We had started off our search with an agent who basically only unlocked the doors of houses we had found ourselves, and after two and a half months we had gotten nowhere. It was immediately apparent how different Denise was from our previous agent. She was much more knowledgeable, recommending an inspection of the house while we viewed it, looking at the heights of windows and how cracks in the concrete might affect the foundation. Denise is many times more personable, and is a sweetheart! We drove with her in her car between viewings and talked about everything we liked and didn’t like. She had told us everything she noticed which
constituted hugely important things that we never would have realized. We ended up with the perfect house, from her suggestion, because she got to know us so well and understood what we wanted better than we did. Denise goes above and beyond in every way and if you are lucky enough to have her as an agent, you will end up with the best possible outcome for one of the biggest decisions you will make. 10/10 personality, 10/10 work ethic, 10/10 knowledge and experience. Denise is amazing.

Joe and Brie

We had very unique needs. Once Denise got an idea of what we were after she worked diligently to find something. Her
searching exceeded my expectations when she would check in several times a week with options and showings, or just to
say she was working on meeting our needs. I thought that was amazing, but where I was absolutely over-the-top impressed was once we found a place that would work. From the moment we put in an offer we had the highest level of attention and care. From excellent lender options, to fantastic home inspectors. The most amazing thing however was once we got close to
closing time and there were some items that needed correcting before the lender would sign off. Denise, her husband Don, and her father all came together to help us paint and make home repairs so the lender would sign off in time to close. I can not recommend a better agent. I know that as well as we were treated, she was showing the same dedication to all of her other simultaneous clients. Thank you again for everything everyone did to make our home purchase a fantastic experience!

The Young Family

I think we teamed up with Denise Carr about 3 years ago, when our son first started college at MSU. We already knew the area and were looking ahead at various housing options for the time that Jarrett would move out of the dorm. 

Denise has been very willing to work with us, while we live out of town, and to meet with Jarrett to walk through appointed listings when we saw something of interest. She has been very patient with us as we collaborated on virtual walk-throughs and coordinated schedules. She is very personable and is willing to go the extra mile. On one particular walk-through of a place, she hopped down into a crawl space to look for dampness or water leakage. She follows through and gets the job done. We have really appreciated all the time and effort to get us to this point, where we are presently, with the home that was found. She took time with Jarrett, to review the choices and finishes that would go into the home. We have finalized the home buying journey, but we have not finalized our friendship with Denise. Thank you for partnering with us on this very energetic house hunting expedition.  

Rob, Jessica & Jarrett G.

“I had the opportunity to work with both Don and Denise Carr, both of whom were wonderful to work with! If I had a question, it would be answered right away… Denise was on the ball! I would recommend both of them to

Misty E.

“We learned about Denise from the sale of our neighbor’s condo. We saw our neighbor’s condo sold in no time, so we
took the name of the realtor and we’re so glad we did. One thing we really liked about Denise is how knowledgeable
she is about the real estate market. She told/taught us very helpful information about real estate, especially in the
Montana market. As for the sale of our condo, we told her what we wanted, and she made it happen, even exceeding
our expectations. Thank you, Denise!”

Mike & Arlene

Our son accepted a job for the City of Bozeman, so we started looking for an apartment for him, to no avail.  We looked up real estate agents for Bozeman and called Keller Williams Realty.  Luckily Denise Carr answered the phone that day.  After speaking with Denise for a while, we knew we had the perfect person for Brian.

We are from Scottsdale, Arizona, so we couldn’t be in Bozeman to look at properties.  Denise would take the time to go and video and FaceTime the properties with us.  It’s hard to find those qualities in very many real estate agents.

We put in some offers that didn’t pan out, but she said we would find Brian a place, and we had all the confidence in the world in Denise.  She found a condo in Brian’s price range and he is very happy and moved in.

If you are looking for an agent, look no further than Carr Montana Realtors.  Denise and Don are very special people.  They truly care about the people they serve. 

Brian, Doug, and Donna

When I first met Denise, all I could really tell her was that I wanted to buy something with four walls and a roof – other than that, my criteria was wide open! I’m sure that at that moment she began to realize what she got herself into! Luckily for me Denise is extraordinarily patient, full of integrity, and always willing to go far above and beyond what was required of her. I was able to learn so much from her during this process, and it cannot be overstated how important it was to have such
a trustworthy and knowledgeable person in my corner. Thank you, Denise!

Matthew O.

Having grown up in Bozeman, already raised two children to adulthood here, and currently raising two more, we had very specific neighborhood and school attendance areas we were fixed on
securing a home in. With a background in engineering and construction, family and friends in real estate and construction, and a good understanding of the local market dynamics we weren’t sure that we needed a realtor to act as our agent when we first started shopping around though. Once we met Denise we decided it would be good to have a professional in our corner throughout the process – and boy was she. Professional, knowledgeable, experienced, committed, and definitely in our corner. Once we fixed on a property in our desired area Denise really put her skills to work. Nights, weekends, negotiations – above and beyond – saving us a considerable amount of time, effort, and cash. Denise not only guided us through the process and skillfully represented us, she also took on the task of coordinating extensively with the lender and title company to ensure a smooth and timely closing. Working with Denise was a pleasant and worthwhile experience. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you! Highly recommended!

Mark & Rebecca F.

Denise worked with me over the course of nearly a year to find a home in Bozeman’s competitive market. At first, I was not sure what I wanted or what I could afford with my limited access to a down payment. The fact that she cheerfully stuck it out with me is a testament to her personal approach and desire to meet her client’s needs as opposed to her own. She toured multiple places with me, trudging through snow drifts and crummy weather and never shirked as I kept shaking my head “nope, not this one.” We finally found the place just before COVID struck and she walked me through the buying process with attention to detail and plenty of advocacy. I always felt assured that Denise was watching out for me and making sure things were done the right way. My daughter and I have been in OUR HOME for a year now and I am grateful every day to wake
up to the sunlight streaming through all the windows and my incredible view of the Bridger Mountains. Denise assured me this was a long-term relationship and she has definitely held up her end of that. She continues to send updates and check in; she stayed up late recently to give me an idea of my home’s worth. She is a gem and I am glad I had her by my side as I navigated the daunting transition to becoming a homeowner.


Selling and Buying a home simultaneously as stressful as it sounds, and Denise made it so easy.. Denise listened and helped us find exactly what we were looking for, we are happy we found a place to call home. Thanks! Knowledgeable, kind and professional. WE are so blessed. She treated us like family, and went above and beyond for us. We highly recommend for your real estate needs.  Thank you so much! 

Serafin A. and Family

Our travel plans changed short notice, and we needed a realtor fast. We began dialing down the list, and Denise was the first to answer the phone on a Sunday. We are so grateful we found her! She is truly the nicest, most patient, and thorough realtor we’ve ever worked with! If we expressed interest in a property, she’d be in there videoing same day. She knew our needs and desires better than we did, and gave honest feedback. Denise held our hand every step of the way through closing! She is a gem!

Jane & Darren

Buying a home for the first time is a (very) big step, especially when real estate is not something you are familiar with. But Denise never once made us feel taken advantage of or stupid. She patiently went through the whole process and taught us all the ins and outs of home buying. We had the pleasure of working with her for about a year while we got everything in
order to make the big move. She kept in touch and listened to our requests, and when the time came, she helped us narrow down our search to exactly what would fit with both our budget and our desires. I appreciated her honesty and transparency from start to finish and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Denise to anyone. I feel as if I have a trusted friend in my corner to help with all future buying and selling needs! In the words my two year old (whom Denise kindly included in all we did), “I love Denise! I love our Denise home! It’s my favorite!” Thank you Denise, truly, for all you have done. I would love to continue to stay in touch!

Morgan and Jordan S.

From the moment we met Denise Carr we were very impressed by her professionalism and attention to detail. There was no doubt she was concerned for our best interests. She is a very nice, honest hardworking agent that was with us all the way up to signing paperwork. We highly recommend Denise!

Dan and Marsha H.

As we began the process of trying to find our first home in a tough market, it started out very overwhelming as we searched
for a realtor. Our lender recommended Denise, saying that she was the best we could ask for. Being our first time looking for a place we went into the process with very little knowledge and a budget that would be tough to work with in a booming Gallatin County market. Denise went above and beyond her regular duties and spent much time with us just teaching important details and making us feel comfortable throughout the process. She was very patient with us considering what we wanted in a place and our budget. She is a true hard working professional and also a genuinely caring person! We cannot recommend her enough.

Kalob and Melanie

We were so lucky to have found Denise! She worked diligently and patiently- helping us search for a home in Bozeman, even when we changed our minds about location. We appreciated her daily/weekly updates and market savvy. Her network of tradespeople for inspections/repairs is worth it’s weight in gold. She will be a great advocate for you and her positive attitude is so refreshing.

Carolyn & John

I am happy we found Denise! She was so easy to work with and a go getter that knew exactly what to do and how to handle our specific situation! She was friendly and knowledgeable making it easy to understand the whole process! Denise made our dream possible and I am forever grateful! Thank you!

Jamie & Matt G.

I was given Denise Carr’s name from my older sister. She was absolutely wonderful. My family has been living with my parents for years and it was time to move on. Denise worked with us and the first house she showed us we fell in love with. She became a friend through everything that happened during our journey to this house. In the middle of inspection and
approval my father was hospitalized and passed away. She made sure she kept us moving even though there were moments we weren’t focused on the house. She was an incredible person who went above and beyond her job to help us get our home. I highly recommend working with her.

Ivy R.

“My husband and I were able to buy our first home and it would not have been possible without Denise. Throughout the process, she was very responsive and answered all of our questions, making our entire experience seem like a breeze. Denise is an absolute pleasure to work with. We couldn’t be happier and will be recommending Denise to anyone who asks and, honestly, even people who don’t ask.”

Tom and MK

I have purchased several homes over the years and I can say without question the Carr team is the most professional and efficient I have ever worked with. As is common with buyers, the original “list” of things we wanted changed once we started looking at homes. Denise took one night to adjust and match what we really wanted vs what we first thought. Within two days we had found the perfect home for our family. Denise was great to work with throughout and made sure we were informed all during the process. I highly recommend Denise!

Jim S.

Being a first-time home buyer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Not only is Denise a professional who helps to ease any concerns you might have during the home buying process, she’s a great person who genuinely cares about helping you find the perfect home for your budget. She was always available to show me properties that she thought would best suit my needs and to answer all my questions along the way. Thanks Denise!

Angel E.

After using Denise and her team for selling our old house and buying the new home I’m pleased to recommend them highly to everyone!  The service is top notch for sure!!!

Gabe & Tina H.

When I first started the early stages of searching for a home, I had multiple realtors hand me their business card. As I was happy to receive their business card, conversation with those realtors did not go any further. By random chance I bumped
into Denise Carr. She not only handed me her business card but was instantly willing to include me on an email list and wanted to continue a conversation about the criteria I was looking for in buying a home. As this was still the early stages in buying a home, she was willing to work with me through this slow and patient process. Several months later we looked at multiple homes together until I was finally able to find the home I wanted to submit a bid on. Denise was the first realtor I met in Bozeman that put in the extra effort and went above and beyond what was required of her. She broke everything down into very simple terms and had all the paperwork lined up and ready to go. I would highly recommend Denise Carr if you are searching for a home. She will guide you in the right direction.

Erik R

As first-time homebuyers, our search initially began with another agent who never seemed to quite understand what we wanted. After nearly a year of getting nowhere, my wife and I decided it was time to switch to another agency that would help educate us on the ever-changing Bozeman market and had our best interests in mind. After our first showing with Don, it was immediately apparent that we had made the right choice to switch. Throughout the whole process, Don and
Denise proved to be very knowledgeable, professional, and great at communicating promptly. They treated us like family and were always available to schedule showings, listen to our feedback, answer our questions and offer advice when needed. We appreciated that they were always honest and realistic with us without ever pressuring us into a decision in the year we spent searching together (we were picky). Once we found the perfect house, Don and Kalene were wonderful at facilitating communication and the closing process. It was reassuring that Don had a good relationship with the seller’s agent and could make sure everyone was always on the same page. He truly went above and beyond, even going out to the house in 10-degree weather to dig up the septic lid to keep the inspection on track. Thank you, Don and Denise, for everything you did for us! We would absolutely recommend them to help you find your new home.

Erin & Madison Cebuhar

I honestly am not sure where to begin. Denise Carr was recommended to me by my wife’s friends who had relocated back to Bozeman several months ago. When my wife and I decided to move as well, we went with Denise. Right out of the gate Denise was fantastic, enthusiastic, and professional. Once we were completely pre-approved, we started talking seriously. I was positive that we wanted a house, and in our price range left us with two options in Belgrade. Denise was persistent and thorough with our “wanted” items for a house. She found several options, and was able to help us pinpoint our first home.
During the process, my wife was transferring with her job to Belgrade, and I was working back in Oregon. Denise made buying our first home an incredible experience. Between her and Jim Shirley at Gum Tree Mortgage Bozeman, I could not be any happier. I was expecting buying our first home with a VA loan to be a nightmare. Denise ensured that every question
was answered, fought for us during negotiations, and GOT…IT…DONE. I can’t compare Denise to any other real estate agent, as this was my first time buying a home, but I can say this: Denise is a fantastic agent that is dedicated, and committed to making her clients dreams come true, and you will not be disappointed in choosing her for your home buying needs.

Josh and Mindy S.

It was a pleasure working with Denise Carr.  We were looking to purchase a home with our soon-to-be college graduate.  We worked exclusively long distance from the Seattle area until the very end. We communicated by phone and email, sending documents back and forth and looking at listings. We flew out to Bozeman for a short weekend with a couple of properties in mind and then we found “the one” that was not even on our list. Denise made the deal happen! Knowing we would be leaving town in two days, she put the offer together at the end of the day and really got things moving. By the time we landed back at the airport in Seattle, Denise called and said our offer was accepted! I would highly recommend Denise for her diligence, and for truly caring about her clients.     

Bob & Wendy H.

“I first met Denise in 2018 when I was pregnant with our second son. We were living in Bozeman and looking to purchase our first home. I went to check out a little condo in the old neighborhood I grew up in and that’s where we were first introduced. Even though we didn’t end up buying the condo, Denise offered to have coffee with me and explain how the whole process of buying a home works. From that moment an instant friendship was created. She and her husband, Don, stuck with us for years while we scoured the market, never settling for anything less than our dream home. Finally, 3 years and two kids later, we found it. I was looking online one day and saw the most wonderful home, sent the listing to my boyfriend to check out, and it turns out that he spent many years in the house as a child because the owner was close friends with his parents. It was a very special house to him with many fond memories. At that moment we knew it was meant to be ours. Denise stuck with us though every step of the process, writing out one of the most peculiar (but perfect for our needs) buy/sell agreements
ever. We worked together with the owner, who refused to sell to anyone else but us because of the childhood connection with my partner, and together we turned our collective dream into a reality. To say that Denise performed a miracle for us would fall short. We are so thankful for all her hard work and dedication to us! She turned our dream home into our forever home, and we feel so blessed. Thank you!”

Leah and Vincent